Friday, May 31, 2013

Rumor's Claim that iOS 7 is to be Completely Overhauled

The worldwide developers’ conference to be held in June is being hotly anticipated for the announcement or launch of the latest version of mobile operating system form Apple, the iOS 7.  According to well-placed sources, Apple is currently in the process of virtually overhauling the existing framework and UI for the iOS, and will come up with a completely new version. If the rumors are true, there is another bit of news that might disappoint fans and experts.  Apple is on the path to make the interface simpler, shedding the lifelike graphics interface that was immensely popular with the users.

Black, White and Flat

The terms that are being used to describe the new version of iOS, the iOS 7, are black, white and flat. Unnamed sources quoted that Jony Ive, the VP of Industrial Design at Apple, is in favor of a very simple interface for the iOS 7, and that is one of the reasons why we will see a toned-down UI.  The source added that there have been talks of replacing the popular color schemes of the iOS like linen and leather, with dour shades of black and white.

A Genius on the part of Apple?

Apple has been known to pull the rabbit out of the proverbial hat time and again, and it seems like the rabbit has to come out this time, if this rumor is true. People appreciate the iOS interface for its lifelike appearance and a black and white scheme could cause a major hit to Apple’s popularity. However, all we can do at this point is wait for June.




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May 24, 2013 – Now comes a claim the design change of the upcoming iOS 7 will ... Bloomberg: Apple's design guru Jony Ive 'methodically reviewing' iOS 7 overhaul .... It makes little sense when there are more rumors than ever saying .... Sounds completely like a WinterBoard theme is all iOS 7 brings to the table…lame.


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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Most Mobile Malware Target's Android Devices

According to the NQ report, one type of malware is delivered through app repackaging in which a user downloads a mobile application that looks legitimate but is actually a harmful program.

Malware can also be downloaded through fake websites when a user clicks on a URL that appears authentic but is not.

Mobile users can also be duped through so-called "smishing" -- a combination of the words SMS and phishing -- where a user receives a text message asking for personal information like a credit card number, e-mail address or social security number.

Android's malware not limited to bad apps

Apple IOS

Stels, an Android trojan delivered via fake U.S. Internal Revenue Service-themed emails, uses "an Android crimeware kit to steal sensitive information from the device," and also makes calls to premium numbers. Sullivan said the new threat “could be a game changer.”

Users on any mobile platform, including iOS, can be targeted with spam that directs them to malware websites. However, while previous exploits have been demonstrated to allow a visited website to crack the security on iOS to "jailbreak" the device, Apple has been vigilant about patching these flaws and distributing iOS updates that scuttle the profitability of discovered threats, effectively frustrating the malware business on iOS.

Here’s Symantec’s breakdown of the types of mobile threat it identified last year, with information theft being the most common threat. Add in user tracking and more than fifty per cent of the mobile malware identified was trying to steal user info or track their movements:

Mobile Threats

Check your phone: Nations with the most mobile malware -
Apr 19, 2013 – Security threats from mobile malware are on the rise and nearly 95% ... Android devices were targeted by malware in 2012; Mobile devices in ...

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Apr 16, 2013 – Another reason Android continues to be the most malware-targeted mobile OS is that it's more popular in pirate-heavy countries like China, ......

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Mobile malware exploding, but only for Android - AppleInsider
May 14, 2013 – Malware targeting mobile devices is rapidly growing in both the number of ... but the only platform being actively targeted is Google's Android, which ... an exploit and chose to address it with a patch, most Android users would ...

Mobile Malware grows massively, Android targeted most » Phone
Apr 15, 2013 – There will be many of us that have some kind of security software installed onto our computers especially if its running Windows, but this is not ...

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Security Flaw Found in Facebook Pages Manager App for Android

Facebook Patches Privacy Flaw In Pages Manager For Android ...

Over the weekend, Android Police received a tip about a serious privacy hole in Facebook Pages Manager for Android that made some privately uploaded photos public.   Shortly after  the details of this  issue went  public, Facebook Security got in touch ... a fix had been rolled out server-side, and noapp update was necessary.


Serious Privacy Flaw In Facebook Pages Manager ... - Android Police

2 days ago – Update 5/26/13 11:30pm PT: Rory from Facebook Security has informed .... Facebook Pages Manager App Updated To 1.4 With Photo Albums, ...

FaceBook Public Setting

Privacy Flaw Found in Facebook Pages Manager ... - Softpedia News › NewsTelecomsMobile Blog

1 day ago – Privacy Flaw Found in Facebook Pages Manager for Android. ... Facebook Messenger and Facebook Apps Updated on Android · Oppo Find 5 ...

Face Book Security

Flaw in Facebook Pages Manager for Android makes your private messages public

If you have Facebook’s Pages Manager application installed onto your Android devices to access your pages at any time of the day, you need to beware. If you plan on sending an image as a private message to a fan of your page, chances are that the image will get posted onto your wall for all your fans to see.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Microsoft Issues Worldwide Virus Alert

The talk and the footprint of computer viruses in the online world had reduced significantly in the last year. Hackers and online miscreants had moved on to other methods of attacking computers as viruses were considered to be too weak. But Microsoft recently announced that the trend is all set to change in the coming days. A security expert from the IT giant said that hackers were reverting back to the usage of viruses and coming up with innovative attack vectors. He said that this year, the world will witness a significant increase in the usage of viruses for attacking computers (both personal and corporate).

Low Broadband Penetration Rate


Tim Rains, the security expert who announced the news, said that Microsoft was monitoring the virus trends on the World Wide Web and noticed a spike in the volume of viruses for the first time. He said that low broadband penetration rate has increased the chances of a computer getting infected with any of the malicious software, including Trojans and worms. He said that this trend is being exploited by hackers and they are using viruses more actively to infect broadband connected computers (which is almost every internet enabled computer today). Microsoft also added that they had traced the infections to as far as Egypt, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

Viruses Are Easy to Eliminate

Rains said that even today, viruses are very easy to be removed as their signatures can be easily detected and tracked. He said that users are expected to keep their anti-virus systems updated which will significantly reduce the chances of being attacked by a virus.

[via NBC News ]

Malware Threat to ATMs


Malware has been a big threat to computers and there have been a lot of problems caused by this type of malicious software. As if that was not enough, a forensics and security threat firm has announced a threat that malware can be used to target ATMs. Group-IB, the firm that announced these findings, said that malware can be used to collect data from the ATMs or swiping machines, and hack into the bank accounts. According to the study, the malware stores the data and sends it to the hacker who planted the malware whenever a network connection is available for transmission.

A Few Researchers Disagree

While Group-IB discussed their findings, the Director of Research at the University of Alabama, Gary Warner, said that malware cannot be used in the way Group-IB is announcing. He said that ATM networks are secured at multiple levels and something as simple as malware cannot get through the layers of encryption and firewalls. Typically, malware tries to exploit the weaknesses in the security that protects a system.

Bank Networks Vulnerable from Inside

Warner added that banks don’t have to worry about the attacks from the outside. He said that banks should worry more about someone from the inside planting malicious software into the bank networks as that is where the vulnerability is at its highest. He said that an auto load malware can be inserted as easily as plugging in a USB drive into the computer.The jury is still out on whether malware can affect banks from the outside or not, but the question is how severe the repercussions will be in case malware does attack a bank network.

[via Bank Info Security]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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