Monday, March 31, 2014

The End of Windows XP is Near!

It's time to upgrade your system. Consider purchasing a new workstation today!
End of Windows XP - Hyphenet News Letter Header
End of Windows XP

Last day for support is April 8, 2014.

Windowsxp and Office 2003 support will no longer be available.

Start your migration or purchase a new workstation today!

It's time to move on from Windows XP. Technology has evolved and computers have changed, your platform is out-of-date. Unsupported and unpatched environments are vulnerable to security risks. Safeguard your system and boost productivity by update your system today.We will be happy to help you through the transformation process. Call 619-325-0990.
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Windows 7

Security • New Technology • Productivity

Is your business PC is still running Windows XP? Contact us today, its not too late to upgrade.
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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The Hybrid Cloud provides users the benefit of on demand access to IT resources for new application development.


The vCloud Hybrid Service, built on VMware technology that many organizations are familiar with in virtual environments, that deliver a secure, dedicated infrastructure.  This infrastructure-as-a-service hybrid cloud makes moving applications to the cloud easy and adaptable.

Moving to hybrid cloud depends on the workload of your small to medium size business.


Packaged Applications

IT departments have difficulty meeting on-demand business changes.  The challenge can be solved by moving packaged applications, like email or collaborative software to the hybrid cloud.  The vCloud Hybrid Service supports applications and operating systems certified to run on vSphere.

This allows users to transfer applications and doesn’t need re-coding or re-configuration.  There is no loss of security or performance with the internal data center.



Web and e-commerce application developers require proper compliance and tools that facilitate dynamic resources.
vCloud Hybrid Service delivers a very cost-effective, secure scalable platform for the deployment of web and e-commerce applications.
Users can move their existing IT policies to meet all security and comply to control requirements.




If something goes wrong like a technical failure, a lack of backup may be critical for your business.  The vCloud Hybrid Service built on vSphere, offers automated replication, monitoring, and many features.

If the service is disrupted, the public cloud offers a safeguard for the business asset.


Enterprise IT/Outsourced Data Center

There is a high demand for data center space.  Organizations that explore outsourcing their data center are burdened with heavy costs.

An option, is to increase capacity to move to a hybrid cloud solution.



Development and test applications are commonly moved to the cloud due to the cost of savings.  The vCloud Hybrid Service delivers a platform that reduces the need for developers to learn new skills and focus on their work only.

Cloud applications offer security, performance, and have all the necessary requirements for software applications.

All of these capabilities are designed to make it easier to run applications with high performance and high resiliency.  

Give us a call at 619-325-0990, so we can help you merge your company to the cloud!

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Use Cases for Moving to a Hybrid Cloud Solution – VMWare Blog…

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do you know how to stay protected after Windows XP ends?

Do you know how to stay protected?

To stay protected after Windows XP support ends, you have two options; upgrade your software or purchase new hardware.

Upgrading your software will enhance security, lower cost of ownership through improved competence, and provide you with higher productivity.

Upgrading your hardware will ensure compatibility with Windows 8.1, give you a longer life-span with your system, boost yield for your company, and improve graphics on your operating system.

Upgrade your current PC

Time is beginning to run out!  Microsoft Windows XP support will end on April 8th.

red fear microsoft windows xp 3d

There are only a few older computers that will be compatible with Windows 8.1, which is the latest version of Windows.

Its recommended that you download and run the Windows Upgrade Assistant to check if your PC meets the system requirements for Windows 8.1 and then follow the steps in the tutorial to upgrade if your PC is able to. For more detailed information, read the FAQ.

You may also call us at 619-325-0990 and we can help you with your system upgrade.

What does it mean when XP ends?  It means there will be no more support for Windows XP, leaving your system vulnerable to security issues.

Take action and upgrade your system today.  Vulnerabilities could exploit your system with malware and your data will no longer be safe.

It is important to migrate to a current operating system, so you can receive regular updates to protect your computer.

Whats the risk?

There are many risks you will face if you are still running Windows XP after April 8th:
  • Security – Without security updates, your PC is vulnerable to viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.
  • Compliance – Businesses have regulatory obligations like HIPAA and will no longer be in compliance with the requirements with unsupported software.
  • No Software Support – Software vendors will no longer support any equipment running on Windows XP.
  • Hardware Manufacturer Support – PC hardware manufacturers will stop supporting existing hardware running Windows XP.

Every Windows product has a lifecycle.  It starts with the release of the software and ends with the software no longer being supported.  Below is a list of dates to keep you informed and help you make decisions on when to upgrade your hardware and software.

Client operating systems Latest update or service pack End of mainstream support End of extended support
Windows XP
April 14, 2009
Windows Vista
April 10, 2012
April 11, 2017
Windows 7 *
January 13, 2015
January 14, 2020
Windows 8
January 9, 2018
January 10, 2023

There are roughly more than a half-a-billion active users worldwide that are still using XP.  The longer your Windows XP machine is unpatched, the more vulnerable it will become to zero-day attacks.

Now that manufacturers are switching to a newer version of Windows, many devices like cameras and printers will no longer be compatible with Windows XP, according to Microsoft.

There are also issues with long-term support.  The new hardware and software will stop working on the old operating system.

With a new upgraded system, your life run smoother, your business will thrive, and your day will become easier. 

Don’t wait until the very last minute to upgrade.  Call us today! 619-325-0990

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Cisco’s Intercloud could change the Internet


Cisco Systems‘ “Intercloud” platform  encompasses both Cisco data centers and its partners.
The platform can be combined with remote-computing technology and connect to regional and global data centers.

The OpenStack based system is able to handle any workload on a hypervisor and work with any public or private cloud.

Cisco is planning on investing $1 billion in its cloud business over the next two years, and allowing cloud services to be sold directly to customers through channel partners.

Cisco is also working on combining its Linux platform with IOx on rugged routers, to be placed on ships, rail cars, electrical grids and other hard-to-reach locations.

When this change happens, a cargo ship can monitor whether the containers on board have shifted en route or the temperature has reached its maximum hot and cold limits.

The real time data is sent to a center anywhere in the world with a narrowband satellite link, said Guido Jouret, Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Internet of Things Business Unit.

Right now, there is no way to use that kind of information until the ship is in port.  A specialized Cisco router on the ship would be able to collect the sensor data over the onboard wireless network, analyze it, and share the information over a fast cellular network after it comes into port.


The IOx will start being shipped by May in the Cisco CGR1240, a weather-proofed router for outdoor use.

Companies will be able to code their own interfaces to their specialized networks and write Linux-based applications to run on Cisco’s hardened routers.  The IOx is also coming to Cisco switches and cameras for field use.

The combination of the IOx and the Intercloud, with networks of software-defined in between, Cisco says it can make sure computing and communication will work as needed across a far-flung infrastructure.

IT administrators distributing computing across the core and edge will guarantee data delivery between them.

“You’re now controlling the highways. You could reprogram or reconfigure the links between your clouds to enforce security or quality of service, whereas in the regular public Internet, you cannot,” Jouret said.

Cisco’s Intercloud will feature APIs for application development and a new line of cloud services for the channel.

A key point for the Intercloud is scalability and full compliance with local data sovereignty laws.  A challenge Cisco is face with revolves around too many workloads being put on personal credit cards.


65,000 channel partners will have the opportunity to get involved with this platform.  IT departments often have no idea on what assets they have, no security for their corporate data, no audit trails, and no compliance.

Cisco’s market strategy with the Intercloud will involve a Cisco brand offering, a Cisco branded offering for the reseller channel, and a co-branded effort with Cisco and the channel partner with a white label model.  This will allow a solution provider to put their own brand on it.

The Intercloud will take storage networking from 6-8 weeks to 15 minutes, virtualizing more than 92%  data center environment.

The global reach, rapid business service delivery, and analytics capability will put so much value on the Intercloud.

This will be the first truly open, hybrid cloud.

The anticipated cloud market for Cisco and partners could reach from $22 billion to $88 billion in the next 3 years.

Telstra, Allstream, Ingram Micro, Logicalis Group, OnX Managed Services, and Wipro are giving their support for the Cisco Intercloud.

What kind of impact do you think the Intercloud will have?  Please leave your comments below!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Microsoft employee arrested for snooping

An ex-Microsoft employee was arrested by the FBI for stealing and leaking copies of Microsoft Windows 8.

Tech companies have denied any acknowledgement of the government spying on people who use their Internet services. 

Although, a legal case was recently filed against a former Microsoft employee that proves the companies snoop on their customers whenever they like.

Microsoft accused their former employee of stealing company trade secrets and leaking the software to a blogger.

A further investigation showed that there were email instant messages of the blogger and the ex-Microsoft employee conversing about these accounts.

Microsoft is hanging their head low because they condemned Google of this same allegation in the past. The companies campaign mocked Gmail’s privacy policy that gave them the right to store and access private information of its customers.

The ex-Microsoft accused employee is Alex Kibkalo, he allegedly gave a French blogger the source code to Windows 8, prior to his discharge.

During the case’s investigation, the company snooped on the blogger’s Hotmail emails and instant messages. They found that he did receive confidential information from Kibkalo.

Not too long after the revelation, Microsoft released a statement saying the company would take the necessary steps to reassure users that their communications will be private.

Microsoft’s vice president and deputy general counsel, John E. Frank, said if Microsoft has any evidence of wrongdoing against it, the company will submit that evidence to an outside lawyer who is a former judge, and would conduct a search of private communications only if the judge concluded there was enough evidence to meet the standards for a court order.

Mr. Kibkalo, a Russian national, was arrested in Seattle earlier this week.  Russel Leonard, the public defender assigned to represent him, did not respond to the request for any comments.

The blogger also admitted to receiving confidential information and software from Mr. Kibkalo.  He disclosed that activation keys were sold for Windows Server software on eBay.

Nate Cardozo, a lawyer with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said that many companies had broad terms of service.  It is extremely rare that the terms are actually followed through and sift through a customer’s personal email.

“To see Microsoft using this right to essentially look through a blogger’s email account for evidence of wrongdoing and then turn it over on a silver platter for law enforcement, it is extremely undesirable,” Mr. Cardozo said.

Click on this link to view the full Document Complaint Against Alex Kibkalo.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below!

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Email Spam was at it’s highest in the Month of February!

Email spam traffic was up 4.2 percentage points and averaged 69.9% in the month of February.  Internet spam mail has taken over most advertisements for Valentine’s Day.

Consumers were caught off guard during the panic to try and find their Valentine the perfect gift.

Spammers sent out Valentine’s Day offers in February, while ‘Nigerian‘ scammers took advantage of the political situation in Ukraine.  The scams would consist of tricking people out of their money because of the tragic events happening in the country.


Stories told about tourists who have been robbed is the universal approach to scamming people out of their money.

Many holiday themed spam arose during the month of February, which adverted users to sites for fake designer goods, flowers, and gourmet sweets.

The fraudulent email offered a chance to earn a large sum of money after the holiday gift was purchased.  It was a ploy, no money was intended to be given.


It is expected for March to receive more holiday themed spam pertaining to St. Patrick’s Day.  Online buyers often make purchases for holidays and themed parties from unknown sources and small businesses.


Vision Correction

Vision correction spam also redirects users to fraudulent sites.  Messages on promotional flyers created to steal your information when you fill out the  form for more information on the fake offer.



Office Supply Stores

A series of spam offers for printer and copier cartridges at greatly discounted prices have also increased on the web.  Many businesses are now using their own machinery to create and print products.  This has opened the market up for the opportunity for fraudulent advertisements to target businesses.

Most often we expect spam in our inbox’s email and with a poorly written plea for help.  Now we are seeing well designed advertisements luring poor victims to fall for their offers.


Mass spam email in English, Swedish and other languages are offering these same types of advertisements for printers, cartridges, and other major office supply equipment.  Not all offers with discount coupons or short-term promotions are going to save you money.


Spam Source

This is the list of sources distributing spam worldwide in as of February.


In February the Top 10 malicous programs that spread via email as follows:


Programs distributed the email sending notifications from major commercial banks, e-stores, and software developers.

Its crucial for consumers to research the company they are interested in purchasing from.  Emails with malicious attachments contained both fake notifications from popular social media sites and ‘online dating’ emails, whose number increased in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

If these campaigns are successful, they will come out a few hundred dollars richer and you are left with nothing but the bill.

Have you run across this type of spam on the Internet?  Please let us know in the comments below!

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Spam report: February 2014 – Secure List

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Over 500,000 PCs attacked after UNIX servers hijacked by Operation Windigo

If your website is running on a Linux server, there is something you should know.  Researchers at ESET have uncovered a cyber criminal operation that has seized control of tens of thousands of Unix servers.

Click on this link to view a pdf of Operation Windigo.

If your system is infected, it is strongly recommended that you re-install the operating system.  Be sure to consider all credentials used to log the compromised machine when restoring your system.

If you are a victim, all the passwords, doesn’t matter if its private OpenSSH or public should be changed.
The attack has been named “Windigo” after the mythical creature from Algonquian Native American folklore.

This attack has resulted in over 25,000 Unix servers being hacked, resulting in 35 million spam messages being sent each day from the compromised machines.

Hackers have been using hijacked web servers to infect visiting Windows PCs with click fraud and spam-sending malware.  This displays website adverts to Mac users.


Windigo spam even finds its way to smartphone users.  iPhones are redirected to X-rated content, with the intention of making money for the cyber criminals.


ESET’s security research team released a detailed technical paper into “Operation Windigo”, and says it believes that the cybercrime campaign is gathering strength.  This has gone largely unnoticed by the security community for almost three years.

That is quite some time not to notice such a security issue.
“Over 35 million spam messages are being sent every day to innocent users’ accounts, clogging up inboxes and putting computer systems at risk.  Worse still, each day over a half a million computers are put at risk of infection, as they visit websites that have been poisoned by web server malware planted by Operation Windigo redirecting to malicious exploit kits and advertisements, ” said ESET security researcher Marc-Étienne Léveillé.
Windigo’s tackle to hijack servers and infect computers uses a knot of sophisticated malware components along with Linux/Ebury (an Open SSH backdoor and credential stealer that was the subject of a detailed investigation by ESET researchers earlier this month).  Linus/Cdorked, Pear./Calfbot, Linus/Onimiki, Win32/Glubteba.M, and Win32/Boaxxe.G.

In one weekend, ESET researchers saw more than 1.1 million different IP addresses going through part of Windigo’s infrastructure, before it was redirected to servers hosting exploit kits.

This is an analysis of the visiting computers revealed with the range of operating systems being used.


Researchers have discovered that “23 people apparently still browse the Internet on Windows 98, and one person even does it on Windows 95.”

Léveillé and his fellow researchers are very appealing for Unix system administrators and webmasters to run the command below.  The command will tell them if their server is compromised or not:

$ ssh -G 2>&1 | grep -e illegal -e unknown > /dev/null && echo "System clean" || echo "System infected"

The Unix command will let you tell you if your system is really compromised or not by Windigo.  This will also help you figure out if your system needs some care to take steps to clean-up and better protect your servers in the future.

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Over 500,000 PCs attacked every day after 25,000 UNIX servers hijacked by Operation Windigo – We Live Security

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Microsoft Excel tricks you need to know

Are you the type of Excel user that makes neat little table, or are you the Excel user that creates sophisticated charts that do magical tricks?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft that allows you to calculate, graph, create tables, and macro program with Visual Basic.

Here is a list to help improve your Excel skills and avail in the workplace.


VLOOKUP is a very powerful tool for Excel users.  With VLOOKUP, you can move data that is scattered across different sheets and workbooks to neatly organize your report.

The VLOOKUP functions stands for vertical lookup.   This function can be a marketer’s best friend and can save you hours of work.



“If” formulas

IF and IFERROR are the most useful IF formulas in Excel.  The IF formula lets you use conditional formulas that will calculate based on if something is true or false.

The IFERROR is a variant of the IF formula.  If you are doing a VLOOKUP to another table, the IFERROR formula will display in the field blank is the reference is not found.



PivotTables are a summary that allow you to count, average, sum, and perform calculations according to the reference points entered.  This data summery tool is found in data visualization programs such as spreadsheets or business intelligence software.




The PivotChart lets you quickly and easily look at complex data sets to understand it more in detail.  They use interactive filters so you can browse through data subsets.

Excel 2013 added Recommended Pivot Charts, which gives you a preview hovering option that is very helpful.



Conditional Formatting

Excel’s extensive conditional formatting functionality lets you easily identify data points of interest.  This feature resides on the Home tab in the task-bar.

Example:  You’re grading test scores for students and want to highlight in red who’s scores have dropped significantly.  By using the Less Than conditional format, you can format cells that are less than -20.   These cells may be highlighted in a different color or display different text.



Transposing columns into rows and vice versa

Working with data formatted in columns and rows doesn’t have to be set in stone.  You can rearrange data into rows instead of columns, and quickly transpose data from one to another.
  1. On the worksheet, do the following:
    • To rearrange data from columns to rows, select the cells in the columns that contain the data.
    • To rearrange data from rows to columns, select the cells in the rows that contain the data.
  2. On the Home tab, in the Clipboard group, click Copy Button image.
Clipboard group on Excel Ribbon

Keyboard shortcut  To copy the selected data, you can also press CTRL+C.

 Note   You can only use the Copy command to rearrange the data. To complete this procedure successfully, do not use the Cut Button image command.
  1. On the worksheet, select the first cell of the destination rows or columns into which you want to rearrange the copied data.

Essential keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are the best way to navigate cells or enter formulas more quickly. Here is a list of some favorites below.

Control + Down/Up Arrow = Moves to the top or bottom cell of the current column Control + Left/Right

Arrow = Moves to the cell furthest left or right in the current row

Control + Shift + Down/Up = Selects all the cells above or below the current cell

Shift + F11 = Creates a new blank worksheet within your workbook

F2 = opens the cell for editing in the formula bar

Control + Home = Navigates you to cell A1

Control + End = Navigates to the last cell that contains data

Alt + ‘=’ will auto sum the cells above the current cell

Excel is one of the best programs ever made for businesses.  It has remained the gold standard for almost all businesses worldwide. But whether you’re a newbie or a power user, there’s always something left to learn. What are your favorite function in Excel?  Please share with us in the comments below.

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Real Excel power users know these 11 tricks - PC World

Monday, March 17, 2014

Protect your PC from malware

Are your Google search results being redirected to annoying ad sites?

Did you know there are plenty of free software programs that will identify and remove malware hiding in Microsoft Windows?

Google’s Chrome browser has been seeing issues with ‘chrome-navigation-error.inof redirect’.  It is suspected of being botnet related.

I use the Firefox web browser with Adblock, and I run AVG anti-virus. Frequently, but not always, when I click on a link in a Google search result, it takes me to a page advertising something instead of going to the page indicated. If I go back to the search results and click the same link, it usually goes to the correct site. I thought this might be malware, but I have scanned with AVG and Malwarebytes, including anti-rootkit, and there is no indication of anything wrong. Researching the problem, I came across concerns that the Chrome browser could have this behaviour, and the suggestion was to disable extensions. I’m not very happy to do this because my various Firefox extensions add functionality I value. Geoff from Google

Apple Mac OS X and Linus users are also seeing this, although, no Firefox users have reported the issue.
When there is malware on your computer, the best way to take care of the situation is to identify it.

Malware is dangerous to your computer because an attacker can use a small security hole to install more malicious software.

Before trying to get rid of malware, make sure you have all your programs and data backed up.



Malware Removal

  1. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware in Safe Mode for faster removal of malware.
  2. Reboot your PC and keep pressing F8 before Windows loads.
  3. When in the Boot Menu, run Malwarebytes again
  4. Keep rebooting and re-running Malwarebytes until there are no longer issues
Using Microsoft’s SmartScreen filter is helpful in keeping your system protected.  The SmartScreen filter creates an SHA-256 hash of executable code and sends it to a Microsoft server.

The bad code or websites is blocked and a message saying “Windows protected your PC,” will appear.
Most malware usually targets the ‘low hanging fruit’ that hundreds of millions of users who never install patches.  Also users who run pirated copies of software with a built-in back door are attacked.

For help with malware removal or information on computer security call us at 619-325-0990.

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How can I remove redirection malware from my PC? – The Guardian

Why major companies fail to act on malware threats.

Destructive data breaches hit companies all the time.  Last year, Target was hit and exposed 40 million credit and debit cards along with 70 million customers personal data.


The malware installed on Target’s (TGT) security and payments system was designed to steal every credit card used at the 1,797 U.S. stores.

Target has acknowledged that the breach could have been avoided if they paid closer attention to alerts generated by their security monitoring tools.

Targets credit card payment system is still out-of-date.  The systems aren’t able to pull up your account to tell you how much money you owe on your monthly statement.

Target is not the only one with an out dated system that is subjected to  high security risks.  More than 90 lawsuits have been filed against Target by customers and banks for negligence and compensatory damages.

Often, companies deploy security technologies with default alerts, resulting in many false positive warnings, Joe Schumacher, a security consultant for Neohapsis added.

Many alarms are overlooked because sometimes it doesn’t mean anything bad is happening.  Sometimes a security alert shows their have been inappropriate actions, which happen very often.

Six months before the breach, Target installed a network monitoring tool security vendor FireEye that alerts the security personnel of malware on its networks.  The tool has cost Target $1.6 million, but that’s only a fraction of how much damage could have been caused by the considerable compromise.  They spent $61 million responding to the breach through Feb.1, 2014.

Target’s profit for holiday spending fell 46% from the same quarter the year before.

The FireEye system could have been configured to automatically remove the threat.  The software was new and untested at Target, and the feature was not activated.


Target fell short on the process and policies.  Many companies don’t take security as seriously as they should.  A highly secured network can cost companies millions of dollars.  Dollars they sometimes would like to spend elsewhere.

In this instance, the breach could have been automatically stopped.  The system’s option to automatically delete malware as it’s detected was turned off by Target’s security team.

If Target’s security team had followed up on the earliest FireEye alerts, it could have been right behind the hackers on their escape path.

The malware uncovered user names and passwords for the hackers to embed the code on their servers.
It’s unfortunate to know that this could have been easily avoided.  Maybe the security team was focused on some other security alert, or maybe they just didn’t see the alert as important.  Maybe the security team underestimated the severity of a simple malware warning message.

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Major companies, like Target, often fail to act on malware alerts – Computer World

Missed Alarms and 40 Million Stolen Credit Card Numbers: How Target Blew It – Bloomberg Business Week Technology

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

This Is Why WiFi Networks Are Dangerous To Your Computer

At the University of Liverpool, researchers have demonstrated how computer viruses may get your computer sick over WiFi networks.

The team has shown how WiFi networks could be used to make a computer virus contagious through the air.  The viruses can move through densely populated coffee shops and internet cafes just like the common cold.

The researchers came up with a virus known as ‘Chameleon’ that simulates how it could move through networks.  The Chameleon virus are able to spread like wild fire from homes and businesses.
The Chameleon is able to avoid detection and identify WiFi access points that are not protected by encryption and passwords.

Heavily populated areas have more access points in closer proximity to each other, thus allowing the virus to generate more quickly across networks connected within a 30 – to 200 foot radius.


When the ‘Chameleon’ attacks an AP (access points) it did not affect how it worked, but was still able to collect and report the information from all the other WiFi users who connected to it.

Alan Marshall, Professor of Network Security at the University, said in a statement. “The virus then sought out other WiFi APs that it could connect to and infect.
The virus was able to be avoided from being detected within the current systems that looks for viruses that have been found on the Internet and on computers.  This is because Chameleon is only present when WiFi networks are on.

Many WiFi connections are increasingly a target for computer hackers because of the many known security vulnerabilities.  It has been assumed that it wasn’t possible for a virus to attack WiFi networks but the Chameleon has shown that it is very possible to spread them quickly.

Click here for a video on how WiFi networks can spread computer viruses through the air.

When using a public WiFi access point, make sure all your important documents are secure and never save passwords to your computer.   Always have a good anti-virus and keep your system up-to-date.

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WiFi Networks Could Be Used To Transmit Computer Viruses

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Firewall Protects You From The Inside Out [Infographic]

Firewall is a software program or hardware that protects your computer from hackers, viruses, and worms.
If any of these bugs get into your computer, they will compromise your system.

A firewall is protection, designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network.

On your computer, all messages and actions entering or leaving the intranet pass through the firewall.  The messages are checked and if it doesn’t meet the specified security criteria, it is blocked.

The firewall barrier keeps destructive forces away from your property.  Firewalls allow remote access to a private network through secure authentication certificated and logins.

The infographic below gives detail on how a firewall will help protect your system.

If you would like to know more about firewalls or would like to install a firewall on your computer, give us a call @ 619-325-0990.

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firewall – Webopedia